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Hey friends!

I'm Tabea, I'm 29 years old and originally from Würzburg, Germany. My heart beats for everything I can't hold on to - for balmy summer nights, for good food and wine, for barbecues with friends, electronic music and sunsets by the sea. Maybe that's why photos and films mean so much to me - they always remind me what really matters in life and how important the little things are.

With my home on four wheels, I've been traveling in Europe from wedding to wedding for two years and am super flexible when it comes to the location of your celebration. I always have a place to sleep in my campervan, where I can lie down after a long wedding day.

With many years of experience as a graphic designer and photographer in large companies such as Kneipp, I am of course the right contact person for you with regard to your desired imagery and design.

Write me your personal story - I'm looking forward to it!


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