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I'm Tabea, 29 years old and a wedding photographer. I was born and grew up in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. After living in Würzburg for years and working as a graphic designer at Kneipp, my husband and I decided in 2019 to travel the world, and that’s how we ended up in Mallorca.

In addition to photography, my heart beats for everything that you can't capture - for mild summer nights, for good food, for walks with friends, for electronic music and sunsets by the sea. Maybe that's why photos mean so much to me - they keep reminding me what really matters in life and how important the little things are.

For me, photography is a passion, calling, fulfillment, but also a great responsibility that I am aware of. Every wedding is something unique and exciting. Before every big day, I feel that tingling, excitement and joy that keeps showing me how much I love my job.

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Fun fact about me: My surname is no longer Krause, but Labusch. When I got married, however, I was already so well known by my old name that I didn't want to change it. Maybe that will come at some point... who knows ;)

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I regularly post content about my life as a wedding photographer and graphic designer on Mallorca and in Franconia on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to get to know me better, just follow me on social media or write to me personally. I'm looking forward to your message!